Digitalization broadens your perspective

While working in the digital space we at Digityle are constantly confronted with new frontiers. This is why we develop individual plans for your specific need. Our cases never look the same, out strategies aren’t simply blueprints of former cases. See some examples below to make yourself a picture.

Sunrise over the valley in Cappadocia, Turkey. Hot air balloons flying over field.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Some say, all roads lead to Rome. This may be true when arriving is your only goal. But once speed, costs or sustainability come into play with equipped competitors a well-structured and justified plan is the foundation for successful marketing execution.

Dive into sample cases where we needed to bring the variety of today’s online marketing channels and tools into one streamlined strategy and see, how (viral) growth can be planned effectively.

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Startup Development & Mentoring

Boy dressed up in pilot´s outfit, jacket, hat and glasses.

Ever heard the term “disruptive”? Instead of founding a long-lasting business the purpose of today’s startup endeavours is to develop a feasible business case that has the power to gain substantial market share from established competitors. Find cases and examples where and how Digityle nurtured emerging businesses and what you can expect from working with us.

Business Monitoring & KPI Tracking

The disadvantage of the digital business is that everything is measurable.

While not bad per se the pure amount and often inconsistent values lead to fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). And in the end decision makers return to listen to their gut feeling. With Digityle you will identify the values that matter to your business, you will se how to measure, analyze and use business KPI to make better decisions.

Zeitmessung mit Stoppuhr

People Management & Resource Planning

“If you want to sustain in the digital world, bet in people, not in processes.”

The role of HR has dramatically changed in the last few years, experts are hard to find since demand for expertise changes faster and faster. And what is the right offer to keep employees happy and engaged? Work-life-balance, opportunities to grow or simply fresh fruits every day? Take a look how Digityle fosters “Human Capital”.

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Business Consulting & Development

Digitalization changes businesses. A market that appeared strong yesterday got disrupted today. If you don’t want to be ruled out by companies like UBER, AIRBNB or simply AMAZON you find help in our long-term experience and in-depth knowledge. Combined with “classic” consultant qualities we provide best-in-class service for a price that will astonish you.


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Sunrise over the valley in Cappadocia, Turkey. Hot air balloons flying over field.