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Digityle unites Digital and Lifestyle – and this is our approach. Digitalization is here to stay and supposed to make life easier for all of us. So we embrace the technological development, bringing the latest and most advanced services and technologies to your company. We help you to master your next steps in the digital world.

We at Digityle distill the best out of newest technologies to bring your business to the next level. When working with us you will benefit from broad expert knowledge and a global network of partners ready to help in any imaginable setup.

Explore our detailed expertise in selected examples from a wide range of consulting cases. After a careful examination of your business needs we will be able provide well-grounded and actionable solutions tailored for your long-term success.


There is a lot to keep track of in the digital space. We at Digityle offer you full service: a detailed evaluation of your individual case, an actionable plan to leap forward, and hands-on help with the realization. Digitalization in the fast lane.

Alicia Sophia Hinon
Founder and Senior Consultant Digital Transformation & Communication

Word of mouth

95 percent of business owners still believe a good name and quality is enough to bring new customers – and underestimate the shrinking attention span in digital environments.

  • The Deniers (23%)
  • The Clueless (41 %)
  • The Prepared (36 %)

64 percent of business leaders have no concrete ideas or plans how to address digitalization – 23 percent even guess that that the internet plays no or only little role in their businesses.

Biggest challenges?

Inadequate technical know-how 67%
Cost 60%
Inadequate analytical know-how 54%

Up to 67 percent of leaders assume big roadblocks during the digital transformation – and postpone or shy away from making a first step.

Stop guessing, start acting!

Digitalization is happening, there is no time to lose.

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