Digitalization comes in a vast variety of flavors

Technology is the spice of digital endeavors. What is crucial, what gives a special taste, what not to mix? Digityle has the right recipe for your journey - check out our services.

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Digital Business Transition & Change Management

We have seen many businesses, successful for centuries, but lately struggling for customer attention, facing decline in turnover or seing more flexible competitors taking over market share.

Digital Business Transition is the heart of consulting at Digityle, we analyze your particular situation in smallest detail and bring custom-tailored solutions to leap your business ahead of the development.

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Brand Development & Growth Hacking

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The brand is the most powerful asset of a company. But these days it needs more than just be printed on a letterhead. It needs to tell a story that goes beyond the simple fulfilment, it must be present at any potential touch point within the customer journey, not only meaningful and convincing, but also congruent across the channels and (measurably) activating.

We will show you how to hack your growth using your best asset.

App Development & Marketing Consulting

As if it wasn’t hard enough to maintain transition and growth customers now expect ubiquitous interaction and communication according to their individual customer journey. In the jungle of platforms (from mobile to TV) and marketing channels (from SEO to social bots) it is easy to lose focus.

We will help you to be present at all necessary channels, we will tell you what’s crucial and how to make the most from your money. 

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Product Lifetime & Conversion Rate Optimization


The average user leaves your offer on day #2 without ever buying something, if elements on your digital presentation are missing or do not meet the industry standards. Optimizing lifetime and conversion is a constant effort, but only when you dig into customer psychology and subconscious behavior you can leap forward.

We at Digityle give you a detailed insight into the hidden world of digital mechanics.

Idea Labs & Innovation Management

Focus is the crucial aspect to stay unique and compete in the digital market. But narrowing your view in times of drastically reduced lifetime cycles can (and will) let you miss the next step in technological evolution.

The challenge is to remain profitable but keep ideas floating. Concepts like MVPs, Design thinking, a new learning culture based on trial-and-error, all this can be introduced to you by Digityle

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Get the taste of the future! Digitalization is served hot.

and get the taste –
with Digityle and its digital cookbook.