Digitalization is about technology

The variety of advertised technological inventions beats the capacity of a human brain. At Digityle we believe that the project goal shapes the tools to be used. For you we keep our toolbox up-to-date.


Big Data & Cloud Services

Analysts say, the majority of companies today use only 5 percent of the revenue potential of captured customer data.

Weather Satellite orbiting Earth. Below A tropical Storm Hurricane is forming  - 3D Illustration.

Every visit, every interaction in the global networks generates data, not only from direct input, but also from relations and circumstances. Unfortunately this data comes in various shapes and formats, it can be challenging to extrapolate this information to improve a company’s performance. If you don’t know, where to start or what data to store, Digityle can help you examining your hidden advantage. If you made the first steps into the data-business Digityle will help you to reach the next level.

Analytical Background

Everyone at Digityle understands and internalized the theoretical foundations of Big Data.

Hadoop Ecosystem

We set up state-of-the-art systems to treat your data the right way, also for tomorrow’s challenges.

Data Security

We are experts in laws about privacy and data protection, we keep your data secure and your customers protected.

Blockchain & Internet of Things

Analysts say that until 2020 the majority of online communication and contract-negotiating is handled without human involvement.

Industrial port at dawn at the Port of shanghai

Autonomous supply-chain systems load self-navigating ships, smart phones communicate with door openers, washing machines order powder and negotiate with the cheapest energy supplier – all without bothering us. What sounds like the far future will soon settle as new customer convenience. Blockchain will revolutionize agreements, eliminate middlemen and participating businesses. Are you ready to be closer than ever to your customer?


We are deeply associated with this new emerging market. Let us know if you want to invest in tokens or plan an ICO by yourself.

Smart Contracts

Blockchain and Trustless-trust-systems will free your business from costs and middlemen. We know how.

Industry 4.0

We will show applicable ways how decentralized production systems and supply chains can optimize even small businesses.

Design Thinking & Digital Project Management

Analysts say the half-life period of sustainable business models is dramatically shrinking. Even the smallest business needs constant R&D to survive.

Concept of a digital signature on a tablet in the modern world.

When you started a business around 50 years ago you had a good chance to sustain for a long time. With the growing global network every business faces new competition and the need to develop (staying out of the internet does not help, though). In times of endless opportunities and directions it is important to develop a new understanding for success and maintain a healthy relationship to constant learning. We have the tools and knowledge to bring you there.

Rapid Prototyping

Gut feeling is outdated, long-term assumptions will fail. Only constant rethinking and immediate realization in overseeable steps will suceed.

Learning Culture

The new digital learning encourages failure. Ask yourself, which mistake can be handled better. Fail fast, fail often.

Project Tools

The options are various – and still most business don’t manage to get beyond standard email. Software is here to help.

Social Media & Digital Customer Journey

Analysts say, the young generation already spends more time online than with any other media. Analog users will disappear within the next 15 years.

Two young girls enjoy virtual reality glasses outdoor

The Internet has turned our understanding of communication upside down. The options to research information and companies, to chose between products and services have increased dramatically. But with it comes a series of new threats and challenges: Filter bubbles, bot armies, hackers and fraud. We will work with you on a concept to maintain visibility – and relevance. Did you know that four from five customers research the internet before they are buying a product or service?


Controlling the “Zero Moment of Truth” is the first and most important duty of businesses today. Let’s work that out.

Social Impact

Google and Facebook dominate the market. But there are tons of other options to create digital buzz. Follow us into economy of attention.

Enhanced Reality

In the past customers imagined how furniture or cloth would appear in their homes. Now they see it in real-time before buying.

Marketing Automatization & Digital Agents

Analysts say, in less than 5 years more than half of western households have a digital agent. These assistants will help us saving money and, even more precious, time.

3d rendering android robot thinking in office

When you talk to a customer agent, do you know if it is a human person or computer-generated voice? Does it matter when your problem is getting solved? But even better: What, if your customers don’t need to get in touch with customer agents anymore since marketing automation provides tailored services and reduces returns and complaints to a minimum?


Digityle provides expert knowledge in the latest form of ad distribution: Optimal targeting at most efficient spends.

Social Bots

Apps for Agents and Chatbots interact with your very next target groups. We make sure that you are in the lead.

Contextual Web

SEO and SEM are just the beginning. Contextual web delivers the (your) answer before a customer need to type a question.