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The omnipresent digitalization forces companies and marketers to question fundamental business flows and re-think established marketing methods in order to maintain constant turnovers and future competitiveness. The internet encourages and demands a dialogue with customers and so the underlying communication models to gain attention and promote products and services need to be revised. Along with the digitalization comes a vast variety of (“big”) data, which, following the evangelists opinions, lead to deeper knowledge about customers and thereof better conversions.

But are knowledge and calculated behavior patterns enough to serve the growing need for dialogue and “real” communication? Until today “Big Data” is mainly promoted from the standpoint of the seller, but the actual answers may come with a shift towards the consumer’s perspective. Only slowly businesses adjust to the new buyer’s power.

Meanwhile, a new thread appears in the maturing technology of the internet. Blockchain and the decentralization of services will pitchfork online interaction to a new level, throwing out middlemen, service levels and aggregators.

Ask yourself: How can your business sustain in this growing environment of uncertainty? Do you know where to start? How to make a real digital stand-out?

With Digityle you have an accountable partner giving answers to all of your questions. Together we will develop a resilient digital strategy for your  business, actionable from day one.

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