It is time to restore the value of care


Embrace protects the most valuable for us: Our time for each other

Our society is fueled by performance. Everything is structured, optimized and shaped for profit. Simply: Time is constant, it does not generate growth, no return, noch ‘hockey-stick’ charts. If you take time today for something or someone, you lose. People in social and elder care work on the edge of what’s possible, are underpaid and left alone. This must change!

To be there for the people around us belongs back to the middle of society – and technology will make it possible.


(and sometimes even more) patients need to be treated by one single caregiver in peak times in Germany!


positions in care are unfilled already and there are no signs for a turn!


percent of care workers consider changing their jobs – to prevent a personal breakdown.

When did we start to give material things more value than the time for the people around us?

The challenge: A fair system

Economy textbooks preaching across the board: Things that are scarce and with high demand have a high value in a market environment. But: If this would be the case jobs in care should be among the highest-paid and most reputable. Instead, in reality it is the opposite. Care workers lose in the market equation. They simply cannot compete against factors like growth, return and regulation.

Embrace will show another way: We take the job loans in care out of the hamster wheel of optimization and create a new market that is decentralized, fair and robust against manipulations. A market, that externalizes intermediates with individual interests, where people develop a feeling for the importance of care and let them start saving for their own need.

One hour of time is one hour for one another, today, tomorrow, for us, for everyone.


The answer: A time deposit to save and share - in the blockchain

With blockchain technology and the decentralized bookkeeping („Distributed Ledger“) we can create a whole new kind of accounts to store and transfer other values than just money. And all this without the need of a central instance of a bank.

One Embrace represents one hour of professional care, cryptographically secured in a distrubuted database, without inflation, without compromises.  Embrace can be transferred to care givers after performed work, simply with a click on a smartphone or computer.

Smiling nurse and senior man looking at each other while using laptop at nursing home porch

Care workers can now decide if they want to transfer their Embrace to their personal savings account for own needs in the future or to sell it on a market place for the current market price.

The market is entirely fair in an economic sense, it keeps out all third-party interests: If there is to much care the price drops, when the demand exceed the supply care workers can sell their Embrace to the highest offer. The SmartContract that is connected to the token prevents allocations of high amounts (and with this market manipulation) and speculative transactions. Since only natural persons can open savings accounts institutional use cases on the cost of the value of an Embrace are impossible.

Easier than it sounds: Two examples


Michael is care worker in the year 2020 and loves his job. After a 6 hour shift he opens the Embrace app on his smartphone and sends a request to confirm the work of today to his three patients. With this 18 Embrace are being transfered from the saving accounts of the care takers to his work account. He decides to save 10 Embrace for his own use in the future and sell the other 8, since he plans to to go for shopping groceries for the weekend. He transfers the Tokens via smartphone to the market place. The price per token has just increased recently to 15 Euros when a new movie about the dramatic conditions in care in 2017 went viral on Youtube. Today Michael can spend 120 Euros at the super market.

Claudia (28) saw a Youtube video yesterday that showed the unbearable situation in the care market in 2017. She quickly browses to the Embrace market place and purchases 8 tokens to transfer it to her savings account where she already holds 2000 Embrace. She is feeling good since she did something for her peace of conscience. If she needs care later she can rest assured to meet someone like Michael who cares personally and intensively for 3 people in a 6 hour shift.


The plan: To lose no time

We put the value of social interaction in society back to strong feet. The first Embrace will be distributed in a few months of time! We will lead the revolution of social work in the digital commons.

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Let’s restore the value of care together!

Time is more than money.
- New english proverb -