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Embrace is the value storage for work in the social commons.

Our world is rapidly changing.

But although technology is supposed to make our life easier a lot of people feel disconnected and left alone. Big parts of our society do not benefit from the digital improvements, particularly in areas with social focus like elder care, where simply other things play a bigger role than in the technology sector.


We are going to change this – by using technology.

We create a fair reward system for social work and humanitarian engagement. A system, that brings time for the people around us back into the middle of our society. A system that will revolutionize the understanding of human work in the age of automatization and robotics.

And we will start with care.

Time deposit in the blockchain

Immutable, decentralized, tradeable.

The reward for social work must be taken out of the hamster wheel of financial optimization. Only then it will be possible to preserve the quality for interpersonal care and to compete aginst technical development, profit margins and 3rd party interests.

So we create Embrace, a digital „value token“ that represents exactly one hour of time. This token is exhanged and traded only beweeen service provider and interested parties with a concrete use case, its value results exclusively from the amout of supply and demand. This creates a perfect circle: fair and cheaper than today, since it keeps out all other influences.

Service requester

To become eligible to benefit from the system, people collect Embrace on their savings accounts. Embrace can be bought over the market place at day rates or be generated by providing care service for others.

Market place

The market place brings care givers and requesters together. If there is too much care in the market, prices will go down. If the demand exceeds the supply professionals can sell their Embrace for the best price.

Service provider

At the end of the day, or simply by standing order, care professionals can request Embrace from the patients according to the service hours provided. They then can decide to deposit the tokens in their own savings accounts or transfer it to the Embrace market place.


The next steps

Change needs time, even more in systems with various interests and stakeholders. Embrace will be thereof introduced as bonus system, where care professional can earn token as a “free” reward next to their actual loan.

Nevertheless, relevant growth can be expected for the near future: The “state of emergency” in the German care system urges for fundamental change in quality and salaries in the sector to prevent the upcoming catastrophy in the last minute.

Wir are prepared.


Q2 2017

Initial idea, market analysis and team development

Q1 2018

Finalization framework evaluation and setup of the token economics

Q3 2018

Smart Contract design

First prototyp of the Embrace wallet app

Q3 2019

First partners accept Embrace

Market place (beta)

First additional country rollouts (options: Switzerland/USA/Netherlands)


A first country switches to Embrace as main system for elder care 

Q4 2017

Finalization concept and whitepaper

Q2 2018

Initial funding

Market simulation and optimization

Q1 2019

First embrace distributed to care professionals


First Embrace saving accounts reach individual caps

Additional country roll-outs

Embrace are expanding to other types of social and voluntary engagement


Care and social engagement is back in the middle of the society

Embrace rescued the world from a global labor crisis caused by AI, automatization and robotics


Who we are

We are veterans in the digital industry and we aim to bring the advantages of blockchain technology to our society. We know the technical environments of the banking industry, planned and optimized cash flows in ecommerce systems, invented and scaled digital business models. And we know that technology can be good – when you use it for a good cause.

But we are also parents of children, we know that attention and good care are irreplaceable needs. But we are also children of parents who may be confronted with the current conditions for elder care sooner or later. But we are also members of families where a relative is working in the care sector or needs care as a patient. We want a fair system for everyone – also for us!

We are located in Berlin. In the heart of the city we are witnessing the rise of a fascinating industry around blockchain and cryptocurrency, that fosters a strong and unselfish community with infinite knowledge and support to any possible problem. We are a company founded by German law, under supervision by German courts, we will not withdraw from our resposibility that comes with the idea of Embrace.

We decided on purpose not to develop our own blockchain solution since there are a lot of outstanding projects on way – and we cannot waste time with more grass root development. The development of the token economy and the smart contract that protects Embrace from speculation and ensures a fair circulation will still take a lot of time and tests, no matter which platform we finally chose. We need your support for the time until the system is self-sustaining!



Founder / Project Lead

  • 15 years in startups and digital business models / transitions
  • Founder @ Digityle Consulting
  • M.B.A. International Entrepreneurship


Head of Product

  • 20 years in product engineering
  • Consultant in banking and accounting software
  • Expert in eCommerce and mobile payments platforms


Head of Operations

  • 12 years in project management and operations
  • Business intelligence/ „Big Data“ expert
  • Strong connections to care and social work


Head of Compliance / Legal

  • 18 years as in house lawyer in digital communication
  • Consultant in digital, IoT & finance law
  • Advocate in data & customer protection

How you can support Embrace

In the last months a funding system called “ICO” (Initial Coin Offerings) has established when it comes to financing blockchain endeavors. Every investor receives shares of the ecosystems of the planned platform, in some cases even company equity equal to stock papers (and not only perks or gifts as for instance with Kickstarter). The investment will be used by the team to realize the idea in the seeding phase.

Here’s the clou: Almost everyone can participate in the funding process, without consultation of banks or notaries. The acquired shares is also (like Embrace) stored in the blockchain. When the vaule of the startup rises (e.g. after accomplishing development goals) all obtained shares rise too – but not on the costs of the care givers.

Fairness is the first principle of this economic system, to distribute Embrace within the ICO would dramatically hurt this promise. Instead, we decided to offer a coin called TimeCapsule („TCAP“) that stands for the whole variety of time-based social service markets we plan to introduce down the road. These coins will not only represent the rising value of social work as a whole but will also onboard international investors that believe in the idea of a fair social system.

TimeCapsule Token “TCAP”

Type: ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain

Total minted token: 150.000.000 TCAP

Max in circulation (Hard Cap): 67,500,000 TCAP

(Unsold token will be burned)

1 TCAP = 0.20 €

1 ETH = 2000 TCAP (as of April 1, 2018)



As soon as the infrastructure is in place we will distribute real Embrace in the height of the invested capital (until the MaxCap of the individual system) via “Airdrop”. Small hint: In the beginning one TCAP token will be available for much less compared to the final price. With 2000 Euros an investor can probably buy the equivalent of one year full care next to the monetary benefit from the success of the startup itself. 

* Disclaimer:
By clicking this link you will be redirected to a Google spreadsheet, where you can enter your email in order to register as potential investor into the TimeCapsule/Embrace private presale.
However, by signing up you do not earn any guarantee to participate or the right for special information within the sale process. There will be an AML/KYC process before any funds are collected. More information will be given at a time closer to the upcoming sale.
The personal information you share will only be used for the purpose of the token sale and stored according the the privacy laws of the European Union.
Individuals from the following countries are unfortunately excluded from the PreSale: United States, China, Singapore, South Korea, residents of a country where American embargoes and sanctions are in force, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba. Find more information on your potential eligibility here.

You need more details? Read our Whitepaper! Check our FAQ! Become part of the community!


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Green grass

Our future is in our own hands. Let's get it on!